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Rose Ruh, Director

Tom Bateson, Child Care Board Chair

Barb Hanna, Finance


St. James United Methodist Church

4661 Porter Rd., Niagara Falls, NY 14305

PHONE: (716) 297-6421

FAX: (716) 298-1142

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Dear Parents,

Welcome to Little Wonders Early Childhood Development Center. The center is open from 6:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., Monday thru Friday. Care is provided for children ranging in age from 6 weeks to 12 years old.

Our program is designed to provide a creative and stimulating environment that encourages new skills and cooperative play with other children. It permits each child the opportunity to develop at his/her own rate while exploring manipulating materials and utilizing positive thinking and problem-solving skills. The program also helps the children discover many ways to work and play effectively and positively with others. Additionally, children are given ample opportunities to develop language skills and fine and gross motor skills. Little Wonders Early Childhood Development Center continuously strives to provide the quality day care to which every child is entitled.

Our child care center is divided into five primary areas:

Infant Room – This nurturing environment is equipped to care for children between the ages of six weeks and twelve months.

Waddler Room – This language rich environment is filled with opportunities for toddlers between the ages of 12 and 24 months to explore and grow.

Toddler Room – Our 2 through 3-year-olds will share in many creative activities to help them continue to grow and learn.

Pre-K Room – This language rich environment encourages new skills enhancing the cognitive, social, physical, and emotional development of your child. It incorporates cooperative play with other children and enhances skills necessary in preparation for kindergarten.

Before and After School Program – This program is designed for children ages 4 through 12 who are enrolled in school. This social and academic environment gives older children the change to work on homework, get help through on-site tutors, and socialize and play in a structured and safe place.

The Little Wonders staff is qualified to carry out their respective responsibilities in all areas pertaining to the care and well-being of your children. They are mature, nurturing, of excellent character, and have the qualifications necessary to provide the best environment possible. Our head teachers:

Infant Room – Paula Hall offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our baby room as a kind, nurturing, and caring personality that keeps our little ones quite happy and content. She has been a staff member in the infant room since 2015 but has provided care in early childhood for many years, particularly with infants.

Waddler Room – Megan Merrell has been an amazing staff member of Little Wonders since 2013. She is well versed in all aspects of programming, but is best known for her work in the toddler room in previous years. All the children love Megan and expect snuggles and hugs each day they enter the center. Megan is extremely in tuned to each child as an individual and completely understands their “little” personalities and they grow and gain independence in the world around them.

Toddler Room – Amanda Sicoli has been working with the center since it first opened in 2013. Although Amanda has been the primary preschool teacher over the years, she is well experienced with all age groups. Our two year old room is bustling with song, dance, and many creative activities to keep this little bunch on their toes, active, and happy. You will see Miss Amanda “hopping” around with the children as she provides the full curriculum in an environment filled with natural learning and play.

Preschool Room – Lorna Delong is sure to captivate your busy preschooler by offering hands-on experiences that promote positive growth in all areas of learning including pre academics and social skills. The curriculum is provided through many fun and exciting activities and experiments all designed to captivate the children and allowing them to grow through exploration. Independent and small group activities focus on cooperation, decision making, and building self-esteem aimed at preparing children for their transition into “big’ school.

School-Age Program Director – Liz LaMoy is top notch when it comes to offering before and after school experiences to our older children. She has created and implemented many center-based activities which engage all the children at their age-respective levels. She strives to meet each child’s individual interests and is always working to “change things up” in order to keep the kids busy. Liz has a one-on-one relationship with all the children and has created a room where the kids can’t wait to come in each day.

Our Little Wonders family of staff and volunteers

We welcome you to Little Wonders Early Childhood Development Center, and fully anticipate that it will be a wonderfully rewarding experience for your child.


Little Wonders Staff

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