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Event Planning

St. James UMC Event Planning

This page contains all the information and forms you may need to planning an event at St. James, whether a church event, or an outside event using the church building. You can also find all this information in our Event Planning Information and Forms binder in the church office.

Forms and information you may need:

Church Event planning: This info sheet and form is for any church event or special meeting. It will give you the tools you need to let the proper people know, to make sure things will be ready, and to get the word out. Downloadable pdf

Fellowship Hall Rental Information and Agreement: This is to be used for anyone wishing to use the fellowship hall for a non-church event. St. James welcomes those who would like to use our fellowship hall for a private gathering. Downloadable pdf

Event Publicity Form: We have lots of places to get the information out there, but we need to have the information and have it WAY ahead of the event itself. If you wait until the last minute, we’re very limited in where we can place it. Please fill out this form even if you’re planning an outside event, like a concert, and will be doing your own publicity. We can supplement your publicity by getting it on our website and other church outlets, both online and print. Downloadable pdf

Wedding Information:

Information and suggested donations for anyone planning a wedding at St. James Downloadable pdf

Wedding Music information - Downloadable pdf

Wedding Music Info Form - Downloadable pdf

Wedding Music CD sampler list - Downloadable pdf

Funeral Information: Information and suggested honoraria for church funerals/memorial services. Downloadable pdfEvent planning


When you are planning an event, no matter how small, please take a minute to think ahead. If we want people to know about these things and come, we need to get the word out.

Don’t assume that because it’s been discussed at some meeting, these things will automatically happen. If you’re in charge of an event, you need to notify the proper people.

Remember: DO IT NOW! Things come up way more quickly than you expect, and people need the info way sooner than you think.

AND if your event is cancelled, please let the same people know right away.

By working together, we can help make your event a successful one!


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