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Outreach Ministries of St. James United Methodist Church

Shut-in Card Ministry

On the first Sunday of every month, a table is set up with cards and address labels for our many shut-in members. Please stop by, send a few cards, and help brighten the day for folks who wish they could be with us. Donations of cards, stamps and money are always appreciated.

United Methodist Women

Our St. James UMW women work hard to support groups, both locally and globally. Check out the United Methodist Women page for more details.

Sew and Sows

The Sew and Sows quilt ministry touches many both within and outside our walls with special homemade quilts that remind people that they are loved and prayed for. Details on our Sew and Sows page.

Gardens of Compassion

This garden ministry is a collaboration of St. James, Community Mission, and Cornell Cooperative Extension. Goals are: (1) To provide participants in the project the opportunity to open their hearts to the love and compassion of Christ, (2) To help break down the unjust stigma associated with mental illness, (3) To provide a unique and fun opportunity for members of St. James and participants in Community Missions' mental health programs to learn about personal and community gardening, and (4) To provide fresh, healthy produce to participants in the Gardens of Compassion project.

Gardens of Compassion meet every Monday morning from 10 am to 12 noon, from May 15th through the growing season. (Volunteers are also needed during the week to help water and care for the plants.)

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Outreach ministries for which we encourage support:

Community Mission

We have a donation bin at St. James where non-perishable food products can be donated. These donations are then given to Community Missions to be shared with needy families in Niagara Falls. Be a part of helping our neighbors in need. Non-perishable food items are always needed. And Community Mission is always in need of prayers, volunteers, and donations.


Heart, Love, and Soul Ministries

Heart, Love, and SoulServing the north end of Niagara Falls, Heart, Love, and Soul is also looking for prayers, volunteers, and donations. Their current project is to expand their ministy with Daybreak, which will help people in crisis navigate through the social service resources that are already in place, but difficult for many to find and access.
















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Help the environment AND support St. James:

Clothing Shed

St. James is in partnership with St. Pauly Textiles to provide a clothing shed in our church parking lot. This is an easy way for St James to make some extra cash and do some good also. The shed is located in the front of the parking lot. Donations are made to this shed and St. Pauly will pay the church 6¢ a pound for the clothing. The clothes will go to third world countries. We encourage you to spread the word!

Cartridge Recycling

We are pleased to be able to earn a little money for the church while helping people to recycle.

If you have any used printer cartridges, the church can get up to $4 for each one. Just drop them in the box in the narthex. If you know anyone who works in an office, ask them to collect cartridges at work and give them to you for our box!

Bottle and Can Recycling

We have an account at Bottle Junction (3050 Niagara Falls Blvd., between Ward and Nash Road - Next to Brydges Chiropractic) where you can take your redeemable bottles and cans and ask for the deposit to be added to the St. James account. They will count and sort the items for you and even help you carry them in! We also have a collection bin at St. James if you would prefer to bring your bottles and cans to the church.


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